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Welcome to Early Retirement Ahead!  I write about my journey towards early retirement which includes savings, budgeting, and investing, but also like to have fun now by traveling with my wife and two little boys.  Read more about me here.  

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While I have been accumulating points for close to 15 years from regular travel for work it was not until when I was about to get married in early 2012 that I realized I was missing out on SO many ways to earn points without spending any more money (just look at the points bonuses for flowers around Valentine’s and Mother’s Days).  Shopping portals, cross promotions, sign-up bonuses, etc have all helped us gather over a half million points in 2015 and most likely more than that in 2016.

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Finally, here are some of my personal finance articles for your reading pleasure:

Check out this feature of my points journey on Million Mile Secrets!

Here are some pictures from our travel adventures:

Hawaiian beach pic

My boys on the beach in Hawaii, March 2015













Tucson trip pic 2015

A beautiful resort just outside of Tucson in spring 2015














Hawaiian sunset
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

A wonderful Hawaiian sunset…

10 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Looking forward to following your blog! Heard about it on MMS. I also found out about 4 years ago about points and miles. Since then we have been traveling for free each year…and that always includes one trip for 3 people to Hawaii! We pretty much get 4 vacations each year for the price we used to pay for 1! My 11 year old is spoiled! He thinks going to Hawaii each year is something easy to do for everyone!

    But in addition to those great vacations we take, it has also allowed us to visit family in different states for free. My husband is retired military and we settled in Texas…while everyone else in the family is all over the US. Using our miles and points we have collected to visit everyone has been a blessing!

    • vawt says:

      Kelly- it sounds like you have it al figured out! It’s great having the ability to use those miles when you need them.

  2. Prasanna R says:

    Got to know your blog through Millionmiles. Good articles with info, especially about the options for Solar energy. Keep on writing!

  3. Sahn says:

    In your interview you’ve talked about waiving annual fees or getting it decreased. what are your tips and tricks?
    i’m new to this miles and points accumulation, and i made a mistake in getting a marriott biz and personal card, and with their categories being decreased, i don’t see a huge need for these cards anymore.


    • vawt says:

      Hi Sahn- when you get close to the end of the year, call them and request it. If you used the card a decent amount you have a better chance, but they may still offer you a deal. Don’t forget you can always try more than once!

  4. margie says:

    I just liked you on FB and subscribed to the blog. Please enter me to win the $25 gift card! My husband is also from the Midwest and we live in CA. We love tips to travel back to his hometown. 😉

  5. a$]-[u says:

    Do you have a RSS link?

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