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Obsessing Over Travel Reward Points

I realized something recently after I earned our latest bonus on some IHG cards.  I enjoy collecting all of the hotel/airline/credit card rewards, but I am afraid to spend them.  What if I don’t get enough value?  What if I run out?  That was when I realized I might have...


Travel Rewards Update

          We sure are getting close to holding a million miles!  It is really just a psychological achievement, there is no added utility or reward for having that much accumulated.  However, I am still excited to reach that amount.  I credit reading Million Mile Secrets, The...

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Dangers of Credit Card Rewards

I was updating my credit card spreadsheet last night and noticed that if I did nothing to prevent it I would have to pay over $1,600 in annual fees for all of our credit cards over the course of a year.  Of course that would not happen because we get...