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ERA Anniversary

Well, I actually made it a year blogging.  My first real post went live 8/16/2014 to a resounding chorus of crickets.  I did not post nearly as often as my peers, only 41 posts, but I enjoyed the journey none the less.  While it didn’t seem like much at the...

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Liebster Award

Felix Money over at My Moneyfesto nominated me for a Liebster award last week (I know I am slow in putting this together).  It is basically a blogger to blogger recognition tool to get the word out about new blogs and to create more of a sense of community.  I would...

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Why Your Monthly Budget Endangers Your Perpetual Retirement

Today’s Budget Can Impact Your Perpetual Retirement Paying attention to expenses is probably more important to early retirement than increasing monthly income.  To achieve financial independence, you often times have to shed the typical mindset of personal finances and instead focus on less mainstream early retirement goals such as minimizing expenses, constantly revamping a...