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Here are some of the finance sites and blogs that I find to be a good read.  Some are about financial independence and early retirement and others are just about topics that I find interesting.

Personal Finance/Early Retirement

Mr Money MustacheA great site that is laser focused on lowering expenses and increasing saving rates to help others reach an early retirement goal.

Financial Samurai- Good information and an ebook about how to engineer a layoff at work.

Retireby40Someone who has already achieved financial independence at an early age.

Dividend Mantra- Read about someone that is using low expenses (not a crazy high income) and a dividend based portfolio to reach financial independence at an early age.

Root of Good- Justin has a great example about how he minimized taxes and he post his income/expenses every month with commentary.  I read it at least once a week!

Frugalwoods- As the title suggests, Mrs. Frugalwoods writes about not wasting money and keeping expenses low.


Travel Related Blogs

Million Miles SecretsDaraius and Emily give lots of great advice and answer questions about how to use points to travel.

The Points Guy- I especially like his monthly valuations to give me an idea what my points are worth.

Richmond Savers– they offer a lot of advice and real examples of how to use your points.  A great read.


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