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November Expense Recap

November was really a great month for our household in terms of moving towards early retirement.  Despite some holiday and medical spending, we increased our net worth and paid for our travel to the Midwest next month.  I typically had not looked at our net worth on a monthly basis,...

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October 2014 Expense Recap

Income There was no significant income outside of the regular paychecks in October unless you count my poker tournament win in Last Vegas last week.  It really just paid for slot machines and meals, but it guaranteed that the non-work portion of the trip was completely free.  We did receive...


September 2014 Monthly Recap

This is the first installment of my monthly expense recap on the early retirement blog.  There is a lot that happens each month and I want to talk about some of the more interesting items going on for us financially.  I am not listing every income and expense item, only...