Monthly Archive: July 2015


The Homemade Laundry Soap Experiment

I am not super frugal, but I do like reading about all of the interesting things people do to save money.  To me it all boils down to prioritizing the things in your life that you truly enjoy.  For some the appeal of increasing their savings rate trumps everything else. ...

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Obsessing Over Travel Reward Points

I realized something recently after I earned our latest bonus on some IHG cards.  I enjoy collecting all of the hotel/airline/credit card rewards, but I am afraid to spend them.  What if I don’t get enough value?  What if I run out?  That was when I realized I might have...

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A Budget Fail

A funny thing happened to me recently.  I realized that I was never hitting the budget numbers I expected.  Things like AC repairs, car repairs, etc kept coming up, but there was something else.  I noticed that every time I project the timeline for our solar loan payoff, it would...