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My Early Retirement Plan (Part 1)

My planned early retirement date is July 1, 2022.  That seems like a long way off, but it is really less than 8 years away!  Just typing that date gave me chills.  Buckle up, this is a long post and as such will be in two parts. The Early Retirement...

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Highs and Lows of a So Called Financial Expert

My Best and Worst Financial Moves Everyone has made some money mistakes in the past, whether it was ruining their credit, overspending, bad investments, etc. I have made some missteps as well.  I think one of the best characteristics of great financial bloggers is that they share more than their...

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Credit Scores and Early Retirement

Good Credit can make Financial Independence a little bit easier It is very difficult to get by with bad credit or no credit score.  Yes it can be done, but it requires a lot of extra work (and usually lots of cash in the bank).  Going on a vacation with...